Kyle Roucis

a.k.a. Grimless

Software Engineer - Game Designer - Mobile Specialist

About Me

I am an avid programmer, gamer, and game designer with specialization in iPhone and UE4 programming. Over the years I have developed my own particle engine, physics engine, rendering engine, game engine, 3D math library, iPhone games, and many other side projects. I have recently founded my own game studio and am currently working on my first PC/Steam game Seeds of Earth.


Founding of Big Byte Studios, Inc.!

I've gone off to found my own game studio! After talking about doing so for years, I finally have enough experience, confidence, and capital to start building my own projects! We are starting with a game I designed some years ago that had a lot of promise. The game's working title is Seeds of Earth and updates and information about it can be found on the Big Byte Studios YouTube channel.