Big Byte Studios, Inc.



2018 April - Present

Designer, writer, and programmer for our first game: Seeds of Earth (working title). (Unreal Engine 4, C++)

Uber, Inc.


Mobile Engineer II

2016 June - 2018 April

Solo iOS and Android engineer for "Flow 2.0" driver-onboarding experience, responsible for all feature delivery, monitoring, and bug-fixing for the mobile experience. (iOS, Android, Xcode, Android Studio, Swift, Java)

Lead mobile engineer (iOS and Android) for Hourly Rentals through Uber app. Architected, coordinated, and programmed the core flow and RIB structure for the Hourly Rentals mobile experience. Facilitated process shift to streamline Design, Product, and Engineering workflows. (iOS, Android, Xcode, Android Studio, Swift, Java, RIBs )



Mobile/Generalist Engineer

2015 July - 2016 April

Design, architect, and build Vulcun's iOS app from scratch. This includes Storyboards, Core Data models, HTTP/JSON requests to APIs, and much more. (iOS, Core Data, Xcode, iTunes Connect)

Design, architect, and build a real-time web-based chat application using Phoenix/Elixir dubbed "Banter". (Elixir, Phoenix, AWS)

Architect and build a number of smaller internal projects using Elixir, Phoenix, and AWS as well as some other iOS utility apps. (iOS, Xcode, Elixir, Phoenix, AWS)

Backflip Studios, LLC


Mobile Platform Engineer

2013 March - 2015 July

Implement cross-platform “glue code” for third-party libraries such as Facebook, Twitter, Game Center, boost, HTTP interface, and more. (C++, Objective-C, Java, Python)

Assist gameplay engineers with the integration of the cross-platform glue code; Assist gameplay engineers with upcoming deadlines and glue code-dependent features; Integrate social features, settings menu, save slots menu, and tweak combat UI for Spellfall – Puzzle RPG; Assist in design and iterate on tutorial experience for Spellfall – Puzzle RPG; Assist in design for combat system revamp, economy rebalance, and brainstorm rune concepts for Spellfall – Puzzle RPG. (C++, Lua)

Maintain iOS <-> Android compatibility and prepare builds for both platforms for Spellfall – Puzzle RPG. (iOS, Android SDK/NDK, C++)

Bind and marshall data and functionality of cross-platform framework for use with Unity3D. (C++, C#, Unity3D)

Machine Zone, Inc.


Mobile Software Engineer

2012 April - 2013 February

Implement game mechanics on mobile client for Game of War: Fire Age; Assist in design and UI layout of gameplay features. (C++, Lua, HTML, CSS)

Implement game mechanics on server for Game of War: Fire Age. (PHP, Redis)